Your Tai Chi and Your Choices

After you have practiced your Tai Chi form for five or ten years, something may start to dawn on you. It could be a simple sense of well-being, emanating from your core while you perform the precise, earth-slow movements of the form. It could be a loosening up, a shaking off of trouble, worry, stress. Tai Chi Class It could be a feeling of connection with everything and everyone around you, seen and unseen.

Once your form gets into your muscle memory, it usually starts to create a profound feeling of harmony, the kind of central balance that derives from meditation, moving or unmoving. All spiritual practices point to this result.

It has nothing at all to do with any dogma, of course. Any religious ideas can coexist beautifully with the practice of Tai Chi. It is all about making a connection to that small stillness within.

Shaking Hands with the Infinite

Tai Chi Hands - stroking the bird's tail

Just as any other energetic practice does, Tai Chi unfolds infinitely, like peeling back the thin layers of an unending onion. The deeper you go, the deeper the practice goes.

Eventually, if you keep your awareness open, you, the Tai Chi practitioner, will realize that the process itself is never-ending.

Put It to the Test

You may be one of the majority of Tai Chi players who gain a nice feeling through doing their form and just enjoy it. And that is fine. Many advanced practitioners choose to delve deeper, using methods such as Toi Sao (push hands), a sword form, the Tai Chi Double Daggers Ruler, and the regular Tai Chi Ruler. Read about Tai Chi practice skillsets here. 

1 Tai Chi Ruler with DVD - parotaOf the many methods you can use to go deeper into your practice, the Tai Chi Ruler is said to be the the most beneficial to body and soul.

Read more about the physical benefits here, and the esoteric benefits here.

Tai Chi is a form of energy exercise that is so deeply grounded in the world of form it can take on a noticeably spiritual aspect. If you practice this art, you are in a good position for self-discovery and exploring the unknown. The infinite awaits within your Tai Chi. A conscious decision is all it takes.

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