Tai Chi Rulers – The Mystery of your Chi

Sensei Oscar Demonstrates the Tai Chi RulerThe essence of the Tai Chi Ruler is to teach the practitioner how to move and manage the flow of energy. The ruler acts as an energy collector, and the user learns to direct the energy, or “Chi,” at will.

Chi is the basic stuff out of which every living thing is made. Indeed, many think of Chi as life itself. What is time-tested and proven is that those who learn about their own Chi can derive countless benefits from it.

Tai Chi Ruler & Chi

Tai Chi Rulers are sometimes called Tai Chi Rules, Tai Chi Sticks, Tai Chi Wands or, incorrectly, Tai Chi Bangs. The Ruler is  designed to be held between the palms of the hands while the user performs a specific set of slow movements derived from the Tai Chi Chuan form. The Ruler acts as an energy conduit, increasing the unobstructed flow. It also helps the practitioner focus, normalizes right and left brain activity, and encourages correct stances and body positions.

The benefits of learning to use the Tai Chi Ruler are abundant. They include:

  • Greatly reduced stress levels
  • Improved balance
  • Better muscle strength
  • Increased mental acuity
  • Regulated blood pressure
  • Better overall life energy flow
  • Greater happiness
  • Longer life

The practice of the Tai Chi Ruler form works like moving acupressure to open blocked energy channels and deliver healing and a palpable a sense of well-being. Through this timeless practice, you will learn to get in touch with your macrocosmic orbital circuitry and unlock the mysteries of your life force itself.

Tai Chi Ruler with Instructional DVD

Tai Chi Ruler with free Instructional DVD

Do No Kai Martial Arts Temple presents this Tai Chi Ruler for the dedicated Tai Chi, Yoga, and fitness practitioner.

Handmade by martial artists in the Temple’s weapons shop, our Tai Chi Ruler carries the distinctive emblem of Do No Kai Temple, where five styles of authentic martial arts have been taught for generations.


Contact Us to Buy or InquireTai Chi Ruler - End Cap Symbol of Do No Kai Martial Arts Temple
If you are interested in owning one of our exclusive Tai Chi Rulers,
Click Here to Buy NowIf you have a comment or question, please use the form on the Do No Kai Martial Arts Temple website. We will personally get back to you very shortly.

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