Free Tai Chi Ruler DVD!

Tai Chi Ruler with Instructional DVD

To use your Tai Chi Ruler correctly, you need to know how to wield it correctly. For this reason, Do No Kai Temple will send a free instructional Tai Chi Ruler DVD with each purchase of either our parota wood Tai Chi Rulers or our Tai Chi Ruler Daggers.

Our Instructional DVD

Do No Kai Temple‘s free Tai Chi Ruler DVD offers step-by-step instruction on the proper use of your Tai Chi Ruler. True to tradition, our DVD depicts different ways to move while holding your ruler, and these positions are intended to be memorized and practiced in the same way every time. A picture-in picture inset provides a view of the movements from another angle, so nothing is ever left to guesswork.

The above video clip from Do No Kai Temple’s free Tai Chi Ruler DVD features Shihan Lonny Riddle, a 10th degree black belt who has taught generations of ongoing classes in Tai Chi, Kung Fu, Ju Jitsu, Pa Qua, and Kobu Jitsu. When you practice in the method shown in our Tai Chi Ruler video, the correct use of your new Tai Chi Ruler will become a part of your muscle memory.

Chair Tai Chi Ruler for Disabled

For the less mobile among us, Do No Kai offers a set of movements to be performed with the Tai Chi Ruler while seated. The complete set is also included in our free Tai Chi Ruler video.

The True Essence of the Tai Chi Ruler

Once you’ve learned the Tai Chi Ruler form, you are ready to delve into the essence of the Tai Chi Ruler, which is the understanding and control of your own life force, or “Chi.” This is the main purpose for the Tai Chi Ruler.

Read more about the true meaning and essence of the Tai Chi Ruler

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