Meet the Tai Chi Rulers Makers

Who Makes these Unique Tai Chi Ruler Devices?

DoRed Bamboo Bridge on Temple Grounds No Kai Martial Arts Temple is comprised of dedicated martial artists who carry on the Shaolin Temple tradition of training and living the way of the true warrior. Part of that tradition is teaching authentic systems of martial arts, such as jujitsu, kung fu, tai chi, pa qua, and weapons arts, or kobujitsu. Another part of that tradition is the creation of martial arts weapons, tools, and devices such as the Tai Chi Ruler.

Do No Kai Temple’s Weapons Workshop

Shihan Riddle Working in the Temple Weapons Workshop

Shihan Riddle Working in the Temple Weapons Workshop

In the weapons workshop at Do No Kai Temple, many different martial arts devices are made. For the time being, we are only producing one of them for sale to the public, the Tai Chi Ruler. These Rulers come in the traditional solid form, or hollowed out with double daggers inside them, revealed when the Ruler is opened.

Pictured here is Shihan Lonny Riddle, a lifetime martial arts instructor and founder of Do No Kai Temple. A tenth degree black belt, he is also a talented artisan. Shihan Riddle is in the process of sawing open our unique Double Daggers Ruler, Do No Kai’s unique Tai Chi Rule combined with a double-bladed martial arts weapon.

Daggers Vs. Plain Rulers

Tai Chi Daggers Ruler, show in opened position

Tai Chi Daggers Ruler in opened position

The usual type of Tai Chi Ruler is a solid, fluted stick about one foot in length. Do No Kai Temple produces both solid Tai Chi Rulers and Tai Chi Daggers Rulers. The former are to be used to teach the practitioner how to consciously move energy, or life force. The latter may be used either as a normal Tai Chi Ruler or a highly effective double-handed martial arts weapon.

What You Get when You Order One of our Tai Chi Rulers 

Ash Tai Chi Ruler with Instructional DVD and Certificate

Ash Tai Chi Ruler with Instructional DVD and Certificate

Each martial arts product created at the Temple comes with a free instructional DVD, showing the relevant pre-arranged forms, exactly as practiced in the Do No Kai Dojo. See the form in its entirety, as well as in sections, repeated for easy learning. You will appreciate the picture-in-picture inset as well, which displays each move from a side angle, so you can always see what’s happening clearly.

The instructional videos created at Do No Kai Temple are all high-quality, easy-to-follow videos, and are all in English. Along with displaying the form and its instructional sections, each of our teaching DVDs also includes explanations of the martial applications of the moves that comprise each form.

Tai Chi Ruler with Certification of Authenticity

Tai Chi Ruler with Certification of Authenticity

When you buy one of these beautifully made Tai Chi Rulers, Do No Kai Temple sends you a certificate signed by Shihan Riddle, with a sales number coding just for your individual purchase.

This Certification of Authenticity is your assurance that your martial arts weapon or martial arts product was created on the Temple grounds, by martial artists, for martial artists. Only a true martial artist can possibly know the tiny details that make up a superb martial arts device.

Serving the Way of the Warrior

Do No Kai Martial Arts Temple Entrance

Do No Kai Martial Arts Temple Entrance

When you begin to work with any of the Tai Chi Rulers that come out of our martial arts temple workshop, you will immediately feel a difference between it and a mass-produced item cranked out by machines. Know that your ruler is unique in all the world, made of exotic woods from Mexico, by dedicated martial artists.

It is said that the word “samurai” means “servant.” Each of the Do No Kai Yudansha embraces  this powerful motto: “We live to serve martial arts.”

Contact Us to Buy or Inquire

Yin and Yang rock garden path leading to Do No Kai Temple's dojoIf you are interested in owning one of our exclusive Tai Chi Rulers, Click Here to Buy Now.

To read more about our Tai Chi Daggers Ruler, or to purchase, Click here.

If you have a comment or question, please use the form on the Do No Kai Martial Arts Temple website. We will personally get back to you, normally within 24 hours.

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