Tai Chi Rulers – Distinctive and Handmade

Tai Chi Ruler hand-crafted by martial artists for martial artists

Tai Chi Ruler handmade of beautiful Mexican hardwood, from Do No Kai Martial Arts Temple

If you are a serious martial artist or Tai Chi practitioner, you already know about the myriad benefits of the Tai Chi Ruler.

Energy-increasing Tai Chi Rulers (also sometimes called Tai Chi Bang, Tai Chi Stick, Tai Chi Wand, or Tai Chi Rule) have been an important tool in the study of true Tai Chi Chuan for thousands of years. They represent the mystical aspects of Tai Chi practices, and Tai Chi players, Yoga practitioners, and fitness enthusiasts across the globe study and use ancient techniques with their Tai Chi Rulers, to reap abundantly positive outcomes in mind, body, and spirit.

Do No Kai Temple’s Tai Chi Rulers – Unique in all the World

Made of exotic Mexican hardwoods, the hand-crafted Tai Chi Rulers created by martial artists in the weapons workshop at Do No Kai Martial Arts Temple are unique in all the world. Use your Tai Chi Ruler to increase your energy flow, to free energy blockages, and to teach yourself the deeply powerful mysteries of controlling the life force consciously.

Tai Chi Double Daggers Ruler 

Tai Chi Daggers Ruler, show in opened position

Tai Chi Daggers Ruler, show in opened position

Along with our regular, solid Tai Chi Rulers, martial artists at Do No Kai Temple also create these one-of-a-kind Tai Chi Ruler Daggers. When closed, they look just like normal Rulers, but contain two high-quality double-bladed daggers inside each handle.

The Tai Chi Daggers Ruler comes with 2 free instructional DVDs. From one, you can learn the movements that comprise the Tai Chi Daggers form, as practiced at Do No Kai Martial Arts Temple. Like the normal Ruler, the Daggers also come with a free Tai Chi Ruler DVD to teach you how to use your new double-handed weapon as a regular Tai Chi Ruler.

Purchase or see details and more photos here.

Teach Yourself how to Enhance and Use your Chi

The Tai Chi Ruler comes to us from the ancient martial artists and mystics of China. It is held between the palms of both hands while the user performs special pre-arranged moves. Its purpose is to teach the user how to connect with the life force known as Chi. When properly employed, the Tai Chi Rule serves as an energy-conductor, balance tool, and energy-enhancer.

Free Tai Chi Ruler DVDs!

1 Tai Chi Ruler with DVD - parota

Tai Chi Ruler with free instructional video

All of our martial arts devices come with a free Tai Chi Ruler DVD. Working with this video, you can easily learn to do the Tai Chi Ruler form, exactly as practiced at Do No Kai Martial Arts Temple. The DVDs are in English, and include the form as well as explanations of the martial applications of the movements that make up the form.

Do No Kai produces this solid Tai Chi Ruler from stunning parota wood, a warm-colored, exotic wood known for its dramatic striations. On each end of the ruler is the logo of our martial arts temple.

Contact Us to Buy or Inquire

DNK-logo133If you are interested in owning one of our exclusive Tai Chi Rulers, Click Here to Buy Now. To purchase our Tai Chi Double Daggers Ruler set, Click Here.

If you have a comment or question, please use the form on the Do No Kai Martial Arts Temple website. We would love to hear from you, and someone at the Temple will personally get back to you very shortly.

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4 Responses to Tai Chi Rulers – Distinctive and Handmade

  1. I love mine…
    i made my own but i like to meditate with my Do No Kai!
    now i need the Pa Qua bowls & of course the ruler con blades!


  2. See the Pa Qua Bowls Zoltan mentions, made at Do No Kai’s weapons workshop (http://www.donokaimartialarts.com/workshop.html) here: http://www.donokaimartialarts.com/paquabowls.html


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