Inside the Tai Chi Daggers Ruler

Double Tai Chi DaggersDo No Kai Martial Arts Temple‘s beautiful Tai Chi Rulers come in two forms: solid and hollow with a surprise. It’s the ruler with the surprise inside that is the subject of this brief article.

Two extremely sharp daggers nest one on top of the other and fit perfectly within our Tai Chi Daggers Ruler. The blades are professionally made of fine steel and inscribed with a decorative figure or kanji. When closed, our Tai Chi Daggers Rulers measure about 11 inches long and 2 inches in diameter. The blades themselves measure approximately 5 inches each, and are sharpened on both sides, coming to a piercing point.

Hand-Crafted in a Working Martial Arts Temple!

Like all our other products, this bladed martial arts weapon is created by top-ranking martial artists in the Weapons WorksCutting apart double daggers hop at Do No Kai Temple. You can read more about the Tai Chi Rulers makers here.

The Tai Chi Daggers Ruler offers a two-fold purpose, as opposed to the regular, one-piece Tai Chi Ruler. The Daggers Ruler may be used exactly as an advanced Tai Chi practitioner would use a Tai Chi Ruler. It may also be wielded as an extremely effective weapon. To that end, Do No Kai Temple incorporates a double-dagger weapons form that teaches students how to most effectively use the Tai Chi Daggers Ruler.

This short video shows Shihan Riddle in the temple workshop, cutting apart a Tai Chi Daggers Ruler to reveal the two sharp blades hiding inside.

Learn How to Do It Right

dark ruler with 2 DVDs and jacket - black brocade 448Do No Kai Temple recognizes that correct use of both the Tai Chi Ruler and the Tai Chi Daggers Ruler requires a good understanding of not only the hand moves and changes, but also of the proper stances and their smooth transitions. We have produced two complete instructional videos to help martial arts students perfect these arts, one for the regular Tai Chi Ruler, and the other for the Daggers Ruler. With the purchase of our Tai Chi Rulers or a set of our Tai Chi Daggers Rulers, you will receive these teaching DVDs, free of charge.

See clips from Do No Kai’s teaching videos

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About Tai Chi Rulers

Do No Kai Martial Arts Temple is a working martial arts community located in the Sierra Madres by Lake Chapala, in Mexico. Here, we teach generations of sincere seekers, practice our internal and external martial arts, and create all types of martial arts equipment, including these Tai Chi Rulers.
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