Catching Flaming Arrows at a Martial Arts Temple

Do No Kai Temple Entrance PagodaOne of the many grueling challenges a black belt faces when he decides to go for his second degree black belt at Do No Kai Martial Arts Temple is catching flaming arrows with his hands. In this video, you see two Yudansha completing this task with ease.

At Do No Kai Temple, we teach more than Tai Chi and the esoteric art of the Tai Chi Ruler. Founded in the rolling hills of the Sierra Madres in Mexico, Do No Kai is a functioning martial arts academy where five complete systems of martial arts have been taught since 1979.

The 5 Complete Martial Arts Styles Taught at Do No Kai Temple

  1. Bushikan Ju Jitsu – Also known as “The Gentle Art,” Ju Jitsu teaches the art of throwing an opponent and joint locking.Renshi Adrian in Dojo
  2. Kobu Jitsu – In this martial arts system, the student learns all about the use of martial arts weapons, from ancient to modern times.
  3. Wing Chun Kung Fu – This is one of the most famous styles of Chinese boxing, and the same system in which Bruce Lee began his epic martial journey.
  4. Tai Chi ChuanNow the world’s most popular group exercise, Tai Chi can be taken much deeper than its obvious physical benefits, into both powerful self-defense and even more powerful internal martial arts practices.
  5. Pa Qua Chuan – The sister art to Tai Chi Chuan, Pa Qua is known as “Eight Trigrams Boxing.” Like Tai Chi, it possesses a palpable spiritual character.Si-Gung Juan at Wing Chun Mook Jong

Read more about Do No Kai Temple and how it came to be founded in 1979.

See details about our martial arts retreats and Do No Kai’s retreats house in beautiful Chapala, Mexico.

Details, photos and prices for Tai Chi Rulers, handmade in Do No Kai Temple’s weapons workshop.

About Tai Chi Rulers

Do No Kai Martial Arts Temple is a working martial arts community located in the Sierra Madres by Lake Chapala, in Mexico. Here, we teach generations of sincere seekers, practice our internal and external martial arts, and create all types of martial arts equipment, including these Tai Chi Rulers.
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