The Difference Between Tai Chi and Tai Chi Ruler Practices

Tai Chi Class The physical practice of Tai Chi is vastly different from the practice of the Tai Chi Ruler, yet they are intimately connected. They are both used by those involved in Yoga, martial arts, meditation, alternative health, and the myriad paths to new age truth-seeking and enlightenment. They are both performed slowly, with great focus and intent. They both employ conscious breathing techniques to enhance the desired outcome, and those outcomes are very similar.

Tai Chi Ruler For more than a millenia, people have practiced both Tai Chi and the Tai Chi Ruler to consciously balance and direct their life energy, or “Chi,” ease mental and emotional stress, and thereby heal a vast array of physical problems, including:

  • Gastric-related problems such as ulcers
  • Heart-related disorders such as heart disease and blood pressure abnormalities
  • Nerve-related problems such as insomnia and pinched nerves
  • Spinal misalignment
  • Arthritis and gout

Benefits of Tai Chi Practice Tai Chi Form

Tai Chi consists of the performance of a set of physical movements, repeated the same way each time. It is the most-practiced group exercise on the planet. In the field of martial arts, “Tai Chi” is known as “the Grand Ultimate Fist,” but it is also is well-known and well-loved as a form of “Yoga in motion,” sometimes referred to as “moving meditation.”

The benefits derived from practicing the Tai Chi form without the ruler include:

  • Tai Chi ClassHeightened concentration
  • A healthier spine
  • More solid stances, better leg strength
  • Better muscle tone throughout the body
  • More functional articulations in all joints
  • Normalized blood pressure
  • Increased overall energy flow
  • Reduced stress
  • Stronger immune system
  • Improved balance

Benefits of the Tai Chi Ruler

Sensei Oscar Demonstrates the Tai Chi RulerAll the above benefits are greatly multiplied when combined with the Tai Chi Ruler. Correctly practiced, the gifts of the Tai Chi Ruler form include the above-listed benefits, as well as:

  • Better mental and physical balance
  • Relief from tension and stress
  • Bouyant infusion of energy
  • Longer, healthier life
  • Increased spiritual well-being

We all know that extremes of anything are not good. When we use too much energy, we become exhausted. When we use too little energy, we are uptight, nervous, stressed. In the first scenario, the exhausted energy supply must be replenished. In the second scenario, it must be dissipated. Fortunately, Tai Chi Ruler practices can accomplish both, and completely balance out your flow of life energy, or Chi.

Tai Chi Ruler To get an idea of the way the Tai Chi Ruler is used, see video clips of the Tai Chi Ruler, performed by Do No Kai Temple’s founder, Shihan Lonny Riddle.

Simply put, the Tai Chi Ruler is used as an energy collector, connector, and director. Combined with certain esoteric yet easy breath-control techniques, the practitioner learns how to direct, move, and utilize his or her own life force.

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About Tai Chi Rulers

Do No Kai Martial Arts Temple is a working martial arts community located in the Sierra Madres by Lake Chapala, in Mexico. Here, we teach generations of sincere seekers, practice our internal and external martial arts, and create all types of martial arts equipment, including these Tai Chi Rulers.
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